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This site will provide you with an insight into our park. It will give you access to a multitude of services like the meeting room diary, takeaway and catering, concierge, along with events, promotions, galleries and even maps and plans to ensure you know your way around.

Have a play with both the information and services section – you’ll be surprised what’s available and in store for you and your team. Our main messages and blogs are handy to see – feel free to add your own comments and thoughts – we’d love to hear what you think and how we can make things better.

Service is everything to us, so let us know what you think. There are plenty of ways of getting in touch with us, whether via twitter; linkedin or the good old fashioned telephone. Even better, why not pop in and say howd’you do!

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Celebrating SIXTY in Lingfield Point’s latest office space – Beehive »


Looking for something to do this Summer?  Look out for the latest from Lingfield – a walk down memory lane with an exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of Lingfield Point – bringing together local history experts, former workers – and the people breathing new life into the former Patons and Baldwins wool factory.

We’re holding this fascinating display at Beehive – once the very heart of the social life of Patons and Baldwins – which has been upcycled into stylish high spec office space.

In its prime, Beehive housed its own theatre and ballroom and was the centre of events for workers that kept the factory as the top place to work in Darlington – and we’re continuing to bring the ethos of providing round the clock offer with out of work activities and new homes available on site.

The Beehive Brand - alive again

The Beehive Brand – alive again in its spiritual home

The SIXTY exhibition has been curated by Beehive – the Darlington-based heritage knitwear company – brings the history and stories of J&P Coats to P&B since 1785 to life through Mens and Women’s knitwear.  Andrea Freeman, owner and director of The Beehive Brand  is delighted to support Lingfield Point in celebrating 60 years of community and enterprise at the Beehive building.  The location is one of the spiritual homes of The Beehive Brand over its 230 year history.

Katherine Williamson, from the Centre for Local Studies at Darlington Library, where the Patons and Baldwins archive is held, said: “We are pleased to make this loan to Lingfield Point – we’ve been able to provide an amazing archive of photographs, building plans, and minutes of meetings which tell the story of the company in Darlington and beyond. From photographs of staff to war rationing labels the collection is well used by the people of Darlington and is always available to view in Crown Street Library.”

John Orchard, a director of Lingfield Point developers Marchday, said: “This site has played a huge part in many local people’s lives, and continues to do so in its new incarnation as Lingfield Point. We recognise the heritage and are recording people’s memories of what was for many people a very happy place to work. Our regular customer surveys tell us people are certainly happy to work here – so its nice to know the tradition continues”

Artist James Patterson will be exhibiting on the mezzanine floor – showing some of his work, based on Patons and Baldwins knitting patterns.

At Lingfield Point, it’s our aim to enhance people’s working lives with art, fun, events and features such as our beehives, knitting classes and allotments – as well as high spec office space to rent.

 This unique exhibition runs from 29 July to 8 August, Monday – Friday from 11am – 2pm.

For more information on Lingfield Point and its unique space, please contact one of the management team on 01325 486486.



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Do commercial property and culture match? »


WHEN Lingfield Point dreamed up the idea of holding a Festival of Thrift it rather surprised the world of commercial property… but the outstanding results speak for themselves.

We think the ethos behind creating a hugely-popular free event sums up everything that makes Lingfield Point a continuing hit with its customers.

We believe that art and culture have an enormous role to play these days in enhancing the world of people at work.

John Orchard, one of the founders of the festival and our very own director says “People ask me all the time why we did the festival. Some mistakenly see it as frivolous and irrelevant to the world of commercial property – but we see it as a valuable showcase for everything we’re doing at Lingfield Point – and a great opportunity to have some fun.”

John came up with the idea for the festival along with renowned designers Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, who loved the fact that Lingfield Point’s office buildings have been upcycled from the former Patons and Baldwins wool factory.

“Wayne runs The Vintage Festival, which is hugely successful. Between us we came up with the concept of the Festival of Thrift which chimes with the mood of the time and feels very much at home at Lingfield Point – a great example of upcycling on a grand scale

“We originally thought it would appeal to a niche audience of ‘thrifters’ (makers, remakers, upcyclers, growers etc) but when more than 27,000 visitors turned up we realised just how strong the desire to live differently is.

“These people had come because it was a ‘cool’ event but also because they wanted to learn how to make this, reinvent things and grow things,” said John.

A wonderful weekend at Festival of Thrift

A wonderful weekend at Festival of Thrift

The same principles run through everything Lingfield Point does and John argues that the enduring popularity of Lingfield Point shows the value that art and culture can bring into the working environment.

“Again, it’s not the sort of stuff that most commercial property companies get into.

“We have a lot of art – from Futurescope, which is a series of enormous images that are visible from the surrounding roads to lots more ‘hidden’ artist treasures around the site.

“It makes people smile and we like that. We have installed beehives and produce our own honey every year, we have allotments, a knitting circle, book club, cycling group and lots more to keep people interested in what’s going on at Lingfield Point.

 “I don’t know of another commercial scheme that goes so far to help people enjoy their work experience – and that is certainly a USP for us and results in genuine return on investment not only in attracting customers but also keeping them and helping them grow.

“The ‘extras’ we offer put a smile on the faces of the people who work here and therefore helps to boost staff retention and boost productivity, which is very important for many of the businesses based here.

“All our amenities have been created as a result of direct customer feedback. We ask them what they want and do our very best to give it to them and keep giving it to them,” said John.

Last year’s Festival of Thrift was so successful – attracting 27,000 people – that a second is planned for Saturday 27 & 28 September this year. Why not check out the 2014 programme at www.festivalofthrift.co.uk.

*For more details on the lovely landscape of Lingfield Point, please visit www.lingfieldpoint.co.uk



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Make a beeline for the beehive »


Looking for office space to rent in Darlington?  Fancy something that dares to be different? Well look no further, especially if you want your business to be based somewhere with a real buzz.

This sought-after office space – only a few miles from Darlington town centre – has everything going for it – from access to all the fantastic on-site facilities for its own thriving business community to its own special look and feel.

Beehive has statement offices available ranging from 1,800 sq ft up to more than 10,000 sqft.  This creative little hive of activity is now home to a wide range of businesses and enjoy exclusive meeting space, outdoor terraces (perfect for summer) and easy-going break out areas, including a VW camper van that’s been transformed for use as a quirky meeting space or thinking spot. 

There’s access to high spec broadband, plenty of parking and our on-site management team and round the clock concierge team ensure everything run super smoothly.

And of course, you get access to all of Lingfield Point’s work-life balancing facilities including childcare, canteen, our full calendar of events, our allotments, superb artwork and most appropriately honey from our own bees.

Once the hub of an on-site social scene staging theatrical performances and community activity nowhere embodies the spirit of Lingfield Life better than the ‘offices with soul’ you’ll find in Beehive.2aabb32

To mark the 60th anniversary of Lingfield Point we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane with an exhibition looking at the history of Patons and Baldwins – from its knitting patterns to its place in the community welfare system of Darlington in the 1950s and 60s – right up to today and the revival of the Beehive brand as a fashion label.

The exhibition will be held in Beehive in the summer and promises to be a really interesting look back into the archives – and of course, a forward-facing celebration of the fab transformation of the building into its current use.

Fancy buzzing over?  Pop in for a cuppa or call us on 01325 486486. 

To find out more, call one of our leasing agents, Sanderson Weatherall on 01642 426919 or David Jackson on 01325 352461

or visit: www.lingfieldpoint.co.uk/spaces/beehive





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Office space with a retro feel and cool appeal »

SOMETIMES it’s vital for businesses to take a step back, to rethink and plan – and we’ve now created the ultimate creative meeting space to do just that …..and it’s proving a vantastic addition to our office space in Darlington.

The VW camper – fully kitted out with retro games, kitsch furnishings and even a vintage tartan flask is the ideal step-back-in-time thinking place to let those creative juices flow.

Eddie Humphries, estate manager at Lingfield Point, said: “The campervan was one of the big hits of our Festival of Thrift as part of our Bistro du Van café section.

“We thought it would make a fun place for people to either get together – or to escape to a completely different place.

“The van has been installed in the Beehive building and is attracting a fair bit of attention.

“It fits perfectly with our ethos of sustainability – and is a recycled meeting space inside a recycled building on our recycled development. We’re rather pleased with that thought.”

It is ideas like the camper van meeting room that help Lingfield Point maintain its record as one of the happiest places in the North East to work.

From a full calendar of events for customers to its very allotments and beehives – to public artworks, free bike hire and book swap club – there’s something to keep everyone smiling.

Eddie said: “Our belief in thrift and sustainability is reflected in everything we do – from the camper van to our plans for a second Festival of Thrift on Saturday 27 September and Sunday 28, September this year.

For more information on how you can make your business feel at home here at lingfield – give us a tinkle on 0325 486486

or call one of our leasing agents, David Jackson at Jackson & Partners on 01325 352461 0r Tim Carter at Sanderson Weatherall on 01642 426919.




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Adding colour to life at Lingfield Point – thanks to our latest customer »

With Summer around the corner, we’ve been adding colour all over our neighbourhood and have found the perfect match with our latest customer - Colour Me Beautiful expert Gillian Lewis.

Gillian is one of many customers joining us at Lingfield House and she loved the vibrant atmosphere and positive colours around our neighbourhood.

“I read about Lingfield Point on the website, I liked the style very much.  Then when I visited it, and saw the ‘Please stay on the grass’ signs, the beehives and the absolutely beautiful Lingfield House – I knew it was a place for me – and my business” says Gillian.

“The alternative was a faceless, soulless office block – and that hardly fits with the nature of my work – Lingfield Point dares to be different and when my customers come here, they all say “Wow”

Gillian understands that first impressions count  “We make up our minds about someone within seven seconds of meeting them and that often doesn’t even give you a chance to speak” she said.

Knowing that she could rely on Lingfield Point to create a great first impression on her customers was critical in her decision when choosing Lingfield Point as a home for her business.

Here at Lingfield Point, we understand colour and the importance of a positive atmosphere in business.  Our upcycled buildings were once a wool factory packed with colour – now they’ve been given a new life with clever design that incorporates shades that make people feel happy and productive in their business.

And it’s not just new businesses arriving that add colour to our world – but existing customers that continue to expand.

We were over the moon to hear that around 70 new jobs are about to be created in the next 60 months following the launch of a new home care business here at Lingfield Point.

New business - Care Matters - set to create 70 new positions

New business – Care Matters – set to create 70 new positions

Care Matters has now been launched as a new subsidiary of the North East-based recruitment company Tribe Group

It’s great to see that our friends in Lingfield House are also launching a new apprenticeship scheme and hopes to work with a number of colleges and training providers to encourage new talent into the home care sector.

We wish Care Matters the very best of luck in developing new roles in this growing market – bringing new opportunities for apprenticeships in the North East.

Let us show you how colourful our life is at Lingfield – give us a tinkle on 01325 48486

or pop in for a cuppa and see our office space from 500sqft – where good business feels at home.


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Don’t despair – just repair! »

We’re big believers in upcycling on a grand scale – just look at our wonderful range of buildings from the Patons & Baldwins era – now transformed into award-winning office space buzzing with like-minded companies.

When we heard about the innovative social enterprise – Restart – that encouraged a ‘mend it’ culture ,we had to invite them up to run workshops for our customers – encouraging people to repair rather than replace electrical equipment.

Over 48 tonnes of costly electronic equipment is thrown away and in the UK alone, an estimated £742m-worth of devices are binned – because we all have no idea of what to do when they break down!

With over 50 businesses now based at Lingfield Point, we’ve been encouraging people to bring their personal electrical equipment in and learn how to repair rather than replace – feeling the power of restarting.  Student Loans Company, NAAFI, AMEC and MT Audio were just some of the many businesses that took part during this one-day event.

Eddie Humphries,  estate manager, said: “The idea of reviving lifeless office equipment and electronic devices really appealed to us. Our love of thrift is well-known – our Festival of Thrift last year attracted 27,000 visitors, and was so popular we’re hosting it again in September.

We’ve been delighted to welcome the Restart Project to Lingfield Point – all too many of us give up straight away when our electronics break down – we simply rush out to buy new ones when really we can make simple changes and repair.”

We created our very own sick bay for our much-loved electrical equipment and a team – armed with professional repair tools and equipment – we’ve learned how to troubleshoot and mend together.

Our Restart workshops are just one of many activities now taking place in and around our office space in Darlington this Summer.

If you want your business to become part of our neighbourhood, please pop in for a cuppa or give us a call on 01325 486846.

Lingfield Point – where good business feels at home




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Walk with a hawk …. we’re welcoming Freya to the team. »

We’re welcoming our latest member of our happy family – she’s feathered, she friendly and she’s called Freya – the hawk-eyed pest control officer- who keeps the seagulls at bay – nature’s way.

The hawk is the latest addition to the site’s natural population which already includes bees and allotments.

And once a month people will get the chance to meet ‘n’ greet Freya and walk round the Lingfield Point site with her and her handler, Colin Hinde, who is already the resident bee-keeper.

Colin had to undertake specialist falconry training to take care of Freya who has been brought in to use her superfast flying skills to chase away pesky seagulls.

It was decided that rather than use alternative methods, Lingfield Point should stay true to its sustainability and nature-based roots by using a natural approach to scare off the birds.

Colin said: “Although I do enjoy looking after the bees I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been stung but I’m not expecting any trouble out of Freya. She’s very mild-mannered and just uses her natural predatory skills to deter gulls.

Eddie Humphries, Estate Manager, said: “The use of a hawk is in keeping with Lingfield Point’s ethos of sustainability and thrift.

“It’s a simple answer to a problem that can be very costly to sort out. There is no environmental damage and it is a long-standing solution.

“Here at Lingfield Point, we strive to be different and approach things in an unconventional way and this is another example of ‘creative thinking’ being put to practical use.”

For more information on how you can make your business feel at home here, give us a call on 01325 486486.



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Celebrating 60 years – a trip down memory lane »


With so much of Darlington’s civic history connected to our neighbourhood, we’ve been taking a trip down memory lane and have now published an inspiring tribute to our much-loved location.

When Patons & Baldwins built their new Darlington wool factory at Lingfield Point immediately after the 2nd world war, they had the vision to build the most advanced production facility in Europe – possibly the world.  This company had their employees at the very heart of their business – understanding the relationship between productivity and quality workspace. As Darlington’s largest employer, this wonderful world became the social and economic backbone of the town.

60 years on, this beautiful landscape continues to put people at its heart of its offer – now a high-spec, service-orientated business park.  Whether it’s looking after small business start-ups or global engineering companies – Lingfield Point has made business – and staff – feel at home.

Facilities, freedom and fun underpin the productivity of this 2,500 person strong business park and neighbourhood – continuing the wonderful approach that Patons & Baldwins set out to achieve so long ago – we hope that they’d be proud of how we’ve kept their ethos alive. 

To celebrate this wonderful history, we’ve now published a book capturing its life and the changing landscape surrounding our iconic and much-loved buildings.

So sit back, click on our book link and take a trip down memory lane and see if you can spot a friend or two…. We’ve certainly collected some as the years have rolled by.

Oooh, and if you follow us on facebook (lingfieldpoint), watch out for a competition to win one of these beautiful books …coming soon!


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What does happiness mean to you? »


Celebrating International Day of Happiness?

Only a few weeks ago, we were all reading about Cadbury being the happiest brand in the UK – no surprise there then!

We’ve seen an explosion of companies that say happiness is at the heart of their operations but what does happiness really mean?

Research finds that brands perceived to have happy characteristics generate strong emotions and are more likely to be chosen.  Trust, play and a positive feeling can reap rewards in terms of loyalty.

Here at Lingfield, you can’t fail to see the unique and happy way of working.  We recognise that contentment at work is key to productivity and by creating unique office space – and break out space – we know it makes a huge difference to how people work – and play. 

100% satisfaction = smiles all round!

100% satisfaction = smiles all round!

We’ve been feeling happy after receiving a glowing report from our customers that took part in our perception study recently – rating their overall satisfaction as good or excellent and 100% would recommend Lingfield Point to others looking for a home for their business.

We offer more than just office space – we offer a way of life – a happy way of life – which our survey shows is much appreciated by our customers.

This fact alone makes us happy…

Happy days indeed!








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Sunshine, spring and sunflowers … all bringing a smile into life at lingfield »

We’ve always believed that the power of art can challenge the perception of place and when we had the opportunity of enjoying Futurescope’s first – and possibly – most-loved image of this gigantic, outdoor art installation, we couldn’t resist bringing it out with the sunshine!

Heralding the start of Spring – even Darlington’s sunshine came out especially for the occasion – we’re enjoying a walk down memory lane with this much-loved first image of Futurescope.   The two year-long sequential, outdoor exhibition of eight massive circular photographs and images were displayed on the landmark Power House at one of the major access routes into Darlington and set the pace for Lingfield Point’s art strategy – outlining our ambition to become a place where ‘art happens’.

Futurescope was the first visual manifestation of our national art strategy and we’re as pleased as punch with our results so far.  Artists studios now buzz with activity, an artist in residence celebrate her historic links with Patons & Baldwins,  there is a packed event calendar to entertain our 2,500+ employees and who could forget the wonderful world-first ‘Festival of Thrift’  – set to return on 27 & 28 September this year.

A wonderful weekend at Festival of Thrift

A wonderful weekend at Festival of Thrift – set to return 27/28 September

We believe that art plays a pivotal role in making a positive difference to places, people and society – but its more than regeneration -  its about bringing heart and soul back into a landscape – and we think that our lovely Lingfield landscape looks better for it.

For more information on life at lingfield,

or fancy viewing our wonderful world of office space – available on a monthly basis from 250sqft –

simply pop in for a cuppa or contact us on 01325 486486.