Meeting rooms

Many of our meeting rooms and large spaces can be booked exclusively for use through the booking system below and our concierge service can provide a guided tour explaining the many facilities that can support you.

Informal meeting areas (first come, first served basis)

  • Beehive entrance. For a quick catch up, feel free to use either the break out area of Beehive or even the contemporary ‘tsunami’ seating area
  • Canteen at Lingfield Point. Enjoy an easy going meeting in the vintage snug for a catch up or take up position in the dining area.  Table service available if you pre-book your meeting.
  • Lingfield House balcony and grand entrance. Offering a beautiful insight into the architecture of one of the most dramatic Art Deco buildings in the North East.  A relaxing break out area is also available.

Formal meeting areas (bookable by concierge via magpie)

Exclusively available, we’ve a wide range of venues for your meeting including

  • Beehive – 3 spaces available. North offers space for 10 – 15; East offers space for 10 – 15 and the large West Room offers space for 18 but also has the function for seminars for 40.
  • Lingfield House – 3 spaces available. Offers a contemporary alternative with space for 10 – 15.

We’ve a wide variety of meeting aids, including projection screens; flipcharts and plenty of presentation aids.  Simply call our management team when booking the room and we can make it happen.