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Making Lingfield House a home »


MORE thriving companies have moved into our beautiful centrepiece Lingfield House after a surge in demand.

Our favourite hobby will always be getting to know new friends and colleagues – especially when they take the form of new customers.  Our beautifully regenerated art deco building, Lingfield House, has welcomed Healthfield Multi Academy Trust and Tensor Marketing – part of the Easy Life Group – who have both taken up residence in our stunning offices.

Heathfield Multi Academy Trust is made up of several primary schools which work together to get the best value for those involved.

Heather Ferguson, Director of Operations, said: “The Trust is a ‘strength in numbers collaboration.  We are able to share the work and the resource in finance, health and safety and human relations which frees up the time of the head teachers to concentrate on the teaching and learning experience.
“We also look after data analysis and pupil tracking so connectivity and accessibility were two things that were vital to us. Lingfield Point is in a central location, is easy to get to and has 100Mb broadband – so ticked all the boxes.”

Welcoming our latest customer - Tensor Marketing

Welcoming our latest customer – Tensor Marketing

Jen Boyle, senior operations manager at Tensor Marketing, said: “We are starting a new chapter at Tensor and were looking for quality office space that reflects our culture change.
“Lingfield Point offered just what we wanted, with access to meeting rooms, and of course, help on hand at all times from the exclusive concierge service in Lingfield House.”

Eddie Humphries, estate manager at Lingfield Point, said: “We are being inundated with inquiries and with more businesses joining our community, a friendly neighbourhood is really starting to emerge. “Our ‘Lingfield Life’ ethos and programme of activities are an added bonus to our excellent on-site facilities from our deli café and the Little Lingfields nursery to access to fast fibre-optic connectivity, extensive CCTV and 24 hour security.”

Tim Carter, of agents Connect Property North East, said: “Businesses like the Schools Trust and Tensor Marketing are able to plug straight in at Lingfield Point and just get on with doing what they do.

“The office space package at Lingfield House are excellent for start-up and small businesses – flexible agreements, high speed broadband, access to exclusive meeting space, on-site facilities and the support of the unique concierge service.

“Business parks with the facilities that Lingfield Point has are very few and far between not only in the North East but across the UK and are being snapped up.”

For more information on how you can enjoy a taste of life at lingfield with office space available from 540sqft+, contact our leasing friends,

David Jackson, Jackson & Partners, 01325 352461 or Tim Carter from Connect Property NE on 01642 602001

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Inspiring our entrepreneurs of the future »


As part of the Virgin Money’s Make £5 Grow scheme, a number of primary schools across Darlington, including Red Hall Primary School have teamed up with Foundation for Jobs to teach our younger generation the value of money and how to run a mini-business.  We think this is a great idea and we hope we’ll be able to encourage our entrepreneurs of the future to base their office space in Darlington here.

This simple scheme gets our children building skills for the future – learning valuable lessons surrounded by mentors and our supportive environment. Virgin Money have given children £5 per head and have worked in teams to develop a wide range of products to entice our friends and colleagues to buy as we move towards the Easter celebrations.


Children are encouraged to think carefully about their target audience, product costing, pricing and marketing – even hitting the phones with cold calling to our customers to encourage sales. In addition, schools keep any profit made after the original loan has been paid back – a great reward for pupils’ enterprise and hard work!

Once the programme has finished, the school will learn how much our local children have made – with all profits going to the school fund – a great way to experience the benefits of strong leadership and clear thinking.

Surrounded by creativity; customer service and of course great office space, we’re hoping our local school children have enjoyed the challenge and opportunity of business – we’ll certainly be encouraging this flair of productivity.

Fancy a chat on your office or industrial needs for your business? Pick up the phone and we’ll pop the kettle on. 

Call our management team on 01325 486486 or one of our leasing agents David Jackson at Jackson & Partners on 01325 352 461

or  Tim Carter or Jonathan Simpson at Connect Property North East on 01642 602 001.

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Buzz around our Beehive …. you’ll love Life at Lingfield »


It’s the new year and we’re celebrating a new lease of life for our iconic Beehive building thanks to a £100,000 refurbishment – and a VW campervan.

Dramatic new entrances have been created for our latest office space to match other award-winning office space in our business park.

Once the hub of a thriving on-site social scene, Beehive was key to the work/live community ethos created by Patons & Baldwins.  Now, 60 years later, Beehive is buzzing again with a like-minded business community after being refurbished into stylish office space at the heart of Lingfield Point, Darlington.


Beehive – where good business feels at home.

Eddie Humphries, Estate Manager said the building exemplifies the ethos behind Lingfield Point.

“All our buildings here are extraordinary places to work, but Beehive holds a special place in all our hearts.  The Beehive was the Patons and Baldwins wool logo, recognised across the world, and it’s the perfect choice for a name. It’s great to see this area come alive again – and after hosting the memorable SIXTY exhibition that celebrated our heritage – we know there is a real civic pride in how we have transformed this space.

“Across Lingfield Point we offer unique environments, and Beehive – with its airy, bright, open spaces, outdoor terraces and mezzanine floor – is no exception.

Darlington's latest office space to let - Beehive

Darlington’s latest office space to let – Beehive

Space is available from 1,880 sq ft through to 15,080 sq ft – ideal for medium-sized businesses wanting their own front door and a neighbourhood packed with like-minded businesses.

“And a particular feature is our vantastic meeting space – a converted campervan that is such a hit for our customers – it’s a charming place for a breakout meeting.”

Eddie said: “Beehive businesses can have everything from their own front door to access to cool meeting spaces that make ideas blossom.

It’s the real heart of Lingfield Point – and we’re delighted at how we’ve been able to bring this building back to modern life.”

Businesses locating to Beehive benefit from flexible leasing arrangements and can expect the very best facilities and car parking on the doorstep – from excellent transport links to road, rail and air connections, 24/7 security & concierge service, to the on-site bistro café and childcare nursery.

For more information on life at lingfield or how you can join or ever-growing community, pick up the phone or tootle around and we’ll pop the kettle on.

Call our management team on or one of our leasing agents David Jackson at Jackson & Partners on

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Lingfield Point – perfectly placed with plenty of space for private and public sector clusters »

After welcoming AMEC to Lingfield Point in 2012, we’re in great shape for the future.  With a mix of both public sector and private sector companies now based at our 107-acre site on the outskirts of Darlington, we’re in a great position to welcome businesses to join our ever-increasing and wide-ranging clusters. 

Creative office space at Student Loans Company, Lingfield Point, Darlington

Our roll call of customers is stuff of legends – from engineering and project management services company AMEC, to international gaming company, Lygo World – now owned by Turtle Beach through to the wonderful care of Four Seasons Health Care and everything in between.  Our public sector cluster is also increasing, with Darlington Borough Council, Student Loans Company and NAAFI are just a few of the teams now based and enjoying life at Lingfield.

So what really attracts both the public and private sector to Lingfield Point?  We’ve asked our very own John Orchard, from Marchday – owners of Lingfield Point – and creative driving force behind many of the initiatives in place at Lingfield Point….

Over the last 10 years we’ve welcomed more and more public sector customers to Lingfield Point, Darlington. Of the 2500 people who work there over 65% work for those public sector organisations including Student Loans Company, NAAFI, NHS and Darlington Borough Council. Our services and spaces have developed to provide these customers with the support and flexibility they need.

The government talk a lot about Public Sector Clusters where these organisations can gain real efficiencies by sharing services and facilities but ultimately decisions are driven by the bottom line. We think we’re a great example of this.

So what are the key elements that are likely to find favour?

1. Cost – the whole package has to beat any other option.

2. Location, location, location – Corny but true. People want to work near to where they live, therefore employers want office space which is close to their workforce and easy to get to by public transport and roads.

3. Flexible space – These organisations expand and contract. They need to know that if their needs change we can accommodate that.

4. Car Parking and Transport Links – People like to know they can take a bus to work but many people still love to drive!

5. Energy efficient buildings – public sector offices must meet certain targets.

6. Other Public Sector Organisations

Once a wool factory, Lingfield Point has become a unique business community and home to over 50 companies. John adds,

“We can provide the best value option – simple!”

Creative office space only needs creative thought – and can provide some great cost efficiencies


We know that often the competition is a dull uninspiring work environment; we have created offices with soul where people enjoy coming to work at no extra cost. The office space created for Student Loans Company won the British Council for Offices National Award as the best recycled workplace in the whole UK.

In other words, our space was judged to be one of the most adaptable, flexible, agile workspaces in the UK.

Lingfield Point is close to Darlington town centre and is served by 3 bus routes to our door. We are located close to the A66 with easy access north or south and for those who insist on driving to work we have the best on site car parking in the region.

All our buildings are recycled. This means they have a much smaller carbon footprint and all are designed to be low energy in use. Our customers regularly tell us how much they enjoy working at Lingfield Point and we do all we can to keep them happy.

In these tough times we’re all looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently.

At Lingfield Point, we’ve designed offices to help our customers do just that – whatever their sector!

For more information on our latest space available – simply pick up the phone and we’ll show you around our neighbourhood.

For more information on life at lingfield, don’t forget to follow us on twitter @lingfieldpoint or find us on facebook. 


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