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Our car share is miles better! »


IF you want to share your commute with people who work at the same place as you – why not call a Faxi?

Our neighbourhood has around 3,000 people working in office and industrial space at Lingfield Point, Darlington and – as a business always at the forefront of smart thinking – we’ve signed up for an online car sharing scheme to make it easier to link up with people making the same journey.

The idea of the journey-share website is to get a group of ‘friends’ acting as a taxi service to create ‘Faxi’ journeys – to save the environment and cash for the users.

Launching the initiative, our very own Eddie Humphries, said: “Sharing a commute with friends seems obvious – the difference is that Faxi puts together friends who just haven’t met yet!”

Lingfield Point – which already provides excellent cycle and public transport links – is working with Darlington Borough Council and Local Motion on the project which aims to help at least ten percent of the employees on site.  The launch of the car share scheme follows a recent survey by the council which found that nearly half of those asked at Lingfield Point said they would register for a car sharing scheme if one was offered. The survey also found that 61 percent of employees on-site currently drive to work alone, 79 percent chose their travel mode based on convenience and 28 percent on cost.


The Faxi website allows customers at Lingfield Point to access like-mined people from a range of businesses across the 90 acre site.

Alex Kay, Sustainable Transport Officer at Darlington Borough Council, said: “Lingfield Point has huge potential for employees to travel more sustainably.

“With hundreds of people driving to the same place each day at roughly the same time, it makes sense to reduce the number of cars filing up the site and roads on a daily basis.

“From the 547 employees who took part nearly half said they would register for a car sharing scheme. The survey revealed many will look at their drive to work and think about possible savings. We’re pleased to be working with Lingfield Point on this exciting new scheme.”

Eddie said: “The survey clearly showed that many employees like the idea of car sharing and we felt it was important to offer this great service to our customers, and to do so in an easy, convenient way.

“The new Faxi platform is simple to use and accessible on the go via smartphone. Journey sharing can help to lower fuel bills, reduce wear and tear on vehicles and lower emissions – so everyone benefits.

“Here at Lingfield Point we offer the very best service to businesses such as 100Mb broadband, a 24/7 concierge service, great public transport links and excellent amenities. We’re confident that good businesses feel at home at Lingfield Point and we’re delighted to launch this exciting new service.”

*The scheme is part of the Council’s Local Motion Project, which is funded by the Department for Transport.


For more information on life at Lingfield Point or you fancy making Lingfield Point your home for business, feel free to contact us the management team on 01325 486846

or call our on-site leasing agent, David Jackson, Jackson & Partners, 01325 352461 or Tim Carter from Connect Property NE on 01642 602001

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Buses help you save, save, save! »

We’ve always been proud of our range of travel options and accessibility when businesses are considering their office location in the North East of England.

Darlington – and Lingfield Point – with its fantastic access and powerful industrial heritage – means that transport links have always played a major role when attracting new businesses or helping business grow around our entrepreneurial town.

Thanks to funding from the Department for Transport  through its local sustainable transport fund, Darlington is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making people think about how they travel and introducing (or improving) the transport infrastructure.

Our on-site bus service helps to save money

Lingfield Point teamed up with Arriva North East and Local Motionthe town’s transport guardians – to improve and extend bus route 1/1b ensuring that the 2,000+ employees could enjoy an on-site bus service – helping to increase convenience of public transport with stunning results.

Joining up with NAAFI and one of their employees, Dani Moore, we can now showcase how catching the bus can transform your life and your wallet after offering a free weekly bus ticket to all employees that had never experienced the bus before.

After taking part in the trial Dani Moore from The Denes, Darlington, sold her car and is now a dedicated bus user saving £150 every month.

Nick Knox, area managing director for Arriva North East, said: “We were delighted when we heard Dani’s story, it’s such a great example of how bus travel can really work for people. We thought, what better way to share this story with others than to showcase it in a clip starring Dani and her new spending power at the shops!”

Dani's spending spree after saving money on the bus

Dani Moore explained: “I find getting the bus a lot easier than I thought it would be, it really is quite simple. When Arriva said they wanted to recreate me spending a month’s savings I thought it would be great fun. I had a fabulous time.”

Eddie Humphries, Lingfield Point estate manager added “We’re delighted the new bus service is proving a success with employees and businesses alike.  It’s great to hear that taking the bus has put money back in Dani’s pocket to enjoy and provides real evidence that thinking about how we travel can have real financial benefits”

Since the launch of the new service in January the staff at Lingfield Point have made over 14,900 journeys by bus so far.

Lingfield Point continues its green transport ethos by providing electric charging points for electric vehicles and is one of the few places in Darlington you can recharge.

And – if you arrive at Lingfield Point by bus – or just fancy a spin in your lunch hour – why not take advantage of our free bike hire. We’ve got everything you need helmets, locks, panniers – you’ll have to provide the pedal power. Just call in to the hub and sign up.

 See how Dani got on – watch the clip

For more information about how car users can start saving visit the fuel calculator



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